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About Cedar Hill Aussies

No one ever forgets their first dog.  I was 13 when I got mine.  She was a plain red puppy from the farm across the way.  They told me she was an Australian Shepherd. “ Co Co” became my best friend and constant companion until the day she died 13 years later and “Aussies” became my breed of choice.

I've had many Aussies since my first one.  Their personalities have been different, but I’ve found they all share the same traits that make them a beloved pet and a loyal friend.

 My husband Tom and I and our three kids came to East Texas in 1995 to work with Mercy Ships, a Christian Ministry that sends hospital ships into developing nations to perform life changing operations, build needed facilities, homes and schools, water projects and more, while sharing the love and compassion of God in a practical way. 

We are privileged to work along side Kevin and Hope McQueen, who share our heart and vision for this wonderful breed. Kevin and Hope both work in the pharmaceutical industry and are owned by a gorgeous red merle dog, Ramsey, who came into their lives and changed them forever.  

Cedar Hill Aussies is a jointly owned kennel run by Terry Velnosky and Hope McQueen with much help from our husbands, Tom and Kevin.  Hope and Kevin are located just outside of Dallas, in Desoto, TX on several acres.  Tom and I live in Lindale, TX, about an hour and a half east of Dallas off the I20, on several acres.  Our 2 locations allow us the freedom to multiply our efforts and manage as though we were 2 kennels.  

Our goal is to breed Aussies that are the embodiment of the breed standard.  Strong, intelligent, athletic and able to perform in any venue with wonderful temperaments that will allow them to herd livestock, fly through the agility course, compete in obedience, be stately show dogs and loyal companions.  In other words to be as sound on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. Although our dogs are able to do it all,  Hope and I focus our efforts on conformation as that's the venue we enjoy competing in.

Our dogs are our pets.  Some live with us, some live with Hope and Kevin or other friends & family members.  We hope you enjoy their photosas you look through our site.

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